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RBC Heritage champion and runner-up each trust ACCRA golf shafts

KINGSTON, Ontario (April 20, 2014) – ACCRA premium golf shafts is excited to congratulate the champion and runner up  of the 2014 RBC Heritage Championship.  Played on the famed Harbour Town Golf Links in Hilton Head South Carolina and featuring one of the years strongest fields. The champion, a Georgia Tech grad, holed a bunker shot on the 72nd hole to narrowly defeat the former world #1 ranked golfer in the world. ACCRA is proud that each of these amazing professionals have chosen to trust ACCRA golf shafts for quite some time, and many victories, now.
The Sea Island Georgia resident has moved to third in the 2014 FedEx Cup points race, 4th in official PGA Tour money list, 1st on Tour in Top Tens, and caps a streak of 4 consecutive top 5 finishes. This event featured 3 players in the top 10 custom fit with ACCRA high performance golf shafts.
This champion was custom fit to a Bridgestone 9.5 J Series driver with an ACCRA Tour Z ST55 premium shaft by Justin Nelson of Cool Clubs in Scottsdale, Arizona in early 2013, since then he has been on quite a ride that has included more than $7M of PGA Tour winnings and 4 PGA Tour wins.
“ACCRA is proud to be on the cutting edge of golf shaft design, our design philosophies and use of high modulus composite materials, continuously creates new standards in the industry” stated Gawain Robertson (Co-founder ACCRA). “The PGA Tour is the ultimate location to get instant feedback of new technologies, and success such as this certainly continues to add credibility and respect to the ACCRA brand.” continued Robertson.
ACCRA certified fitters are located in virtually every major golf center in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.  ACCRA premium golf shafts are exclusively available through the world's best club fitters because it just does not make sense to buy off a rack.
"Now in our tenth year of existence, ACCRA is proud of what we have achieved in such a relatively short time. 56 PGA Tour victories, 30+ European Tour wins, but most importantly, ACCRA is considered the premium line of golf shafts designed exclusively for professional club fitters” commented Dave Makarucha (Co-founder of ACCRA).   “Each year ACCRA grows along with the world's best professional club fitters and we have been huge proponents of club fitting since our inception in 2004 and to see the growth of this segment of the industry is even more gratifying than all the victories.”  
ACCRA shafts have always been designed to enable the world’s best club fitters to have multiple options.  This ensures that discerning golfers of all levels can be properly fit to maximize launch conditions for increase distance and accuracy. 
 ACCRA premium graphite shafts are crafted using the highest modulus and most technologically advanced materials available. ACCRA has engineers to create the best products without any compromises. The recent success of ACCRA ’s latest introduction gives remarkable credibility to the technologies utilized in all ACCRA shafts. These shafts are available through certified ACCRA fitters.   Premium Golf management Corp (PGMC) owns all ACCRA trademarks. For more product information, or to locate a certified ACCRA fitter near you, please .   

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Score golf Article by Rick Young on Club Fitting

Rick Young

It was colleague Mike Stachura who convinced me to alter my traditional pre-PGA Merchandise Show schedule to attend this year's ACCRA, KBS, Miura golf day. He told me he has always enjoyed hanging out with some of North America's top club fitters. He figured I would too.
"My kind of people," he said at the end of a message.
When we chatted at the outing held at Orlando's Grande Pines Marriott last month, I asked Golf Digest'sequipment editor what he meant by that.
"Everyone here is intrigued by possibilities," Stachura explained. "The club fitters want to figure it out. These guys aren't selling things. They'd happily give their stuff away for free. Their passion is, 'Hey, you've come into my shop with a problem and I have the ability to fix it so let's get to work.' The beauty of the ACCRA day is I get educated here. This is selfish on my part."
Canada's ACCRA is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Although it does not have the same elevated brand status of shaft-makers such as Fujikura, Aldila or Graphite Design, the Kingston, Ont.-headquartered Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) continues to be the brand of choice for custom club fitters who remain fiercely loyal and appreciative of ACCRA's commitment to them and their businesses. To varying degrees the same applies to KBS and Miura who, like ACCRA, have forged tight business and personal bonds with these elite equipment professionals. Nearly 100 fitters were on hand for the co-sponsored ACCRA, KBS, Miura golf day. According to the two companies more than 450 of the world's best professional fitters endorse ACCRA and KBS to their customer base.
"Professional club fitting makes up a very small percentage of the equipment market," said ACCRA's Gawain Robertson. "If it was to increase even two to three per cent, fitters would be incredibly busy. The truth is club fitting is still a work in progress to make the public understand what we do. For that we need help. We need the (golf) media to continue to help us get golfers on our side."
Philosophically, ACCRA has never wavered. Since Robertson and partner Dave Makarucha formed it a decade ago the brand has maintained its commitment to designing premium-level shafts utilizing the highest modulus materials and the most up-to-date engineering equipment. It then limits those shafts to only the best club fitters in the world who must, in turn, show their level of loyalty by agreeing not to sell ACCRA shafts below the brand's minimum selling price. Fly-by-night fitters need not apply. Any new ACCRA fitters have to be recommended while going through extensive certification.
The company's testing ground is where you would hope it would be. Performance validation and marketing for ACCRA comes directly from the PGA Tour. More than 100 players use the brand's products without compensation. That includes world No. 10 Matt Kuchar, multiple winner Luke Donald and Ryan Palmer, who has used ACCRA since his rookie season on the PGA Tour. He remains one of the brand's most vocal proponents.
"Every tour player has a choice of what shaft(s) to play," Robertson said. "To have that many using ACCRA speaks to the level of our products. We're tour proven week in and week out."
For 2014 the company has, once again, expanded its offerings. Most significant for club fitters is the new Japanese-manufactured Concept Series CS1, which takes the best features of ACCRA's Tour Z ST and Tour Z CB and combines them into an advanced innovative new product ideal for today's low spin clubheads and golf balls. To help achieve this, ACCRA did a couple of things: it infused the Concept Series CS1 with a much higher concentration of composite versus resin and added more modulus graphite.
"We get to tolerances with it (Concept Series CS1) we never thought possible," Robertson said of the product line that features three weights and three different flexes.
One significant footnote to the CS1's development: it would not have been possible without ACCRA's most recent technology breakthrough. Robertson and Makarucha partnered with Mark Timms, president of Cool Clubs of Scottsdale, Ariz., and Queens University (Kingston, Ont.) engineering graduate Simon Grodin on a new analysis machine called S3 (Shaft Simulation System). According to Robertson, the S3 effectively measures everything going on with a golf shaft. And he absolutely means everything.
"You get more information on a shaft than you would ever want to know," he said to the club fitters and media in attendance. "We get 10,000 times the data other shaft profile systems get. The S3 works on as many planes as you want. Its accuracy is incredible."
The company will also move into a new era of its DyMatch product. Designed for fairway wood and hybrid shafts to react exactly the same as the driver shaft (for performance and feel), the new DyMatch 2.0 is already getting a huge response from fitters for its ability to fit such a wide spectrum of golfer types.
Also slated for 2014 is the next generation of ACCRA's ISeries, a complete family of shafts from driver through wedges; the SPi wedge shafts, which enable golfers to increase spin while controlling launch; and the incumbent Tour Z shaft series, which allows fitters to get absolutely precise with launch angles at impact.
"Our products are evolving," Robertson explained. "We're getting better at helping our network of club fitters get even more precise right through the golf bag. That helps them offer the very best service to their customers."
Stachura was right. I did thoroughly enjoy my time with the club fitters in attendance, hearing their thoughts on ACCRA, KBS and Miura while lending an ear about their businesses. Once again spending time with those guys reinforced what I've believed for quite some time: professional club fitting is essential to any club purchase and a golf club's shaft is its primary component.
It's something to keep in mind.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New ACCRA iSeries Wood Shaft

ACCRA introduces iSeries Wood shafts at 2014 PGA Merchandise Show

(PGMC/ACCRA - Kingston Ontario) ACCRA introduces a new line of premium shafts to compliment the popular ACCRA iSeries iron shafts.

The iSeries wood shafts are built for speed, using a proprietary “iWeave” technology, the new iSeries (iWood) line features unprecedented strength in the butt section for maximum stability and resistance to “ovaling”.
The strength of the butt section effectively shortens the bendable section of the shaft creating a whip effect during the swing. This dramatically increases speed through impact. 
The counter balance design also creates a draw bias tendency that benefit a large range of discerning golfers. This is enhanced by the responsive tip section, once again promoting speed through impact. 

“The design features of this shaft clearly generates speed throughout the swing while maintaining the stability in a golfers hands” states Gawain Robertson (ACCRA Co-Founder). “During testing we were all astonished by the results for all levels of golfers as swing speeds increased with virtually all participants in prototype testing” continued Mr. Robertson.

ACCRA has begun shipping the iSeries wood shaft to certified ACCRA fitters worldwide this week, Fitters will have demo shafts in stock for golfers to test and “see the speed”.

“The ACCRA iSeries wood shaft is the perfect compliment to the extremely popular iSeries iron shaft line” stated Dave Makarucha (ACCRA Co-Founder). “The iSeries iron shaft line is the ultimate club fitters shaft as it enables the professional club fitter to fit using 6 different weights and more than 3 flexes per weight option. An ACCRA certified fitter can dial in an iSeries shaft to match any golfers swing.” continued Mr. Makarucha.

For more information on the entire ACCRA iSeries line of shafts, please visit the ACCRA YouTube channel (,  ACCRA website (, or contact a certified ACCRA fitter near you.

ACCRA premium graphite shafts are crafted using the highest modulus and most technologically advanced materials available. ACCRA has engineers to create the best products without any compromises. The recent success of ACCRA’s latest introduction gives remarkable credibility to the technologies utilized in all ACCRA shafts. These shafts are available through certified ACCRA fitters.  Premium Golf management Corp (PGMC) owns all ACCRA trademarks. For more product information, or to locate a certified ACCRA fitter near you, please visit

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Independant Review of ACCRA DyMatch 2.0

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DyMatch 2.0 review

Accra DyMatch 2.0 Shaft Review

50 Words or Less

An outstanding line of shafts that delivers high end performance in  all clubs, not just the driver.  Many options for precise fitting.


Golfers do lots of dumb things.  We attempt shots that we never practice, some of us dress in clothes that would make a pimp cringe, and many pay hundreds of dollars for a driver shaft while neglecting the shafts in our fairway woods and hybrids.  Even worse, we pick those expensive driver shafts based on looks, hype, and what the guys on Tour use.
After frequent chiding by my favorite club fitter, Club Champion’s Nick Sherburne, I finally decided to stop being dumb and start paying attention to Accra.  Nick put me through a fitting for Accra driver, fairway wood, and hybrid shafts, and the results were fantastic.

The Concept of DyMatch 2.0

The idea behind the DyMatch 2.0 series sounds simple: design a family of shafts – driver, fairway wood, and hybrid – that will all feel the same, however, this is a lot harder than it seems (read THIS if you doubt it).
Thankfully, Accra has proven to be up to the task.  Simply go to your Accra fitter and find the driver shaft that works best for you.  Once you’ve done that, you can easily add the fairway wood and hybrid shafts to your bag knowing that they will feel identical to your new driver shaft.
The DyMatch 2.0 builds on the foundation of the original DyMatch series and adds even more options.  The three tip profiles, from highest launching to lowest, are RT (Responsive Tip), MT (Mid Tip), and ST (Stable Tip).  Each profile comes in three different weights for the driver plus a fairway wood and hybrid shaft.

The Fitting

I showed up to Club Champion’s Willowbrook location with a very mixed group of shafts in my long clubs.  My driver and 3W had stiff flex Fujikura shafts and my hybrid had an X-flex Matrix hM3.  Nick, being a very gracious person, didn’t laugh at what was in hybrid but simply said, “That’s a lot of shaft.”
A few dozen balls later, Club Champion’s Trackman launch monitor had established my baselines.  My driver shaft was an excellent fit (as it should be, I’ve had the opportunity to test nearly every shaft made).  My fairway wood was good, but it launched a bit lower than optimal. Predictably, my hybrid shaft was a disaster.  Trackman showed me exactly the same things I see on the course: on a perfect swing, the ball goes forever (too long, actually) but the rest of the time it’s an unpredictable mess.
Having worked with me many times, Nick knew immediately where to go in the Accra line.  He put a DyMatch 2.0 MT70 into my driver, and the results were excellent.  The shaft felt stable, but I also felt like I could load it without really “going after it.”
With the driver shaft quickly decided, Nick installed a DyMatch 2.0 MTF in my 3W.  We immediately saw an increase in the launch angle and increased consistency in the carry and total distance.  No doubt about the match between the driver and FW shafts.
Finally, it was time to check out the DyMatch 2.0 MTH.  This was far and away the biggest improvement of any of the three new shafts.  Everything improved: distance, dispersion, launch angle, and spin.  Additionally, since I was back in the correct flex, I could swing within myself and still get a good result.
As I walked out of the Club Champion fitting bay, the only unanswered question was, “What do you want engraved on your shafts?”


Overall, the feel of the DyMatch 2.0 MT shafts are very stable.  The butt and mid sections are both fairly firm, and the tip section has a little bit of kick to it.  Obviously, the RT will have a more lively tip section and the ST will have a more stable tip.
All that said, the most important thing about the feel of the DyMatch 2.0 shafts is that, true to their word, they are exceptionally consistent from driver to fairway wood to hybrid.  With DyMatch 2.0 you can forget about making compensations to account for different shafts in each club.


I’m very pleased with the results of the switch to Accra’s DyMatch 2.0 shafts.  The change provided everything that I was looking for in both my fairway wood and hybrid.
In my fairway wood, I now get a consistently higher launch angle which results in better carry distances and more consistent total distances.
With my hybrid, the change has been night and day.  I used to hit lots of low, running bullets that wouldn’t hold even the softest green.  Moreover, the club could go anywhere from 200 yards to 260.  Now, my carry is consistently around 220 yards with a predictable trajectory that will stay on the green.


If you, like every other golfer I know, wants “more consistency,” the Accra DyMatch 2.0 shafts are a great place to start.  Though Accra, like their best-known Tour players Matt Kuchar and Luke Donald, may not be the flashiest company in the game, they produce a world-class product that definitely deserves a look the next time you’re being fit.

Price and Specs

The prices for the Accra DyMatch 2.0 shafts are $199 for the driver shaft, $175 for the fairway wood shaft, and $125 for the hybrid shaft.
You can find your local Accra Fitter through their website HERE.

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Corporate Profile by Lisa “Longball” Vlooswyk

Recently the 7 time Canadian Long drive champion and golf journalist,  Lisa Vlooswyk, wrote an excellent article on ACCRA in Inside Golf magazine.
Please click on the link below and flip to page 49 to see more……


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The most consistent golfer on Tour partners to win the Franklin Templeton Shark Shootout using a custom fit ACCRA Premium Golf Shaft

KINGSTON, Ontario (December 16th, 2013) – The Sea Island, Ga. resident, and 8th ranked golfer in the world, continued a year of stellar golf with a win at the 2013 Franklin Templeton Shark Shootout. The Bridgestone staff player teamed with another Sea Island resident to run away from the field and win this championship.
Early this year, this Georgia Tech graduate was custom fit by Justin Nelson of Cool Clubs into a Bridgestone 9.5 J series driver and ACCRA Tour Z ST 55 M4 shaft. Since that time he has been on quite a roll!  It has been quite a year for this golfer as he has won twice on the PGA Tour in 2013; at the President's Cup and now the Shark Shootout.
Players trusting ACCRA golf shafts on the PGA Tour have amassed three victories and there are currently two players in the top 10 of the World Golf Rankings.
"ACCRA truly believes that every golfer should be properly fit for every golf club in their bag by a professional club fitter/builder. In the long run, this will provide every discerning golfer with better results," stated Gawain Robertson, ACCRA Golf co-founder. "In this case, a PGA Tour player visited Cool Clubs in Scottsdale, Arizona and was fit by master club fitter, Justin Nelson, to an ACCRA Tour Z ST 55. After being fit he went on to have his best year ever including two PGA Tour victories," continued Robertson.
ACCRA certified fitters are located in virtually every major golf hot spots in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.  ACCRA Premium Golf Shafts are exclusively available through the world's best club fitters because it simply does not make sense to buy off a rack without being custom fit.  PGA Tour players, elite amateurs and discerning golfers of all levels can benefit by having their clubs matched to their swing.
ACCRA shafts have always been designed to enable the world’s best club fitters to have multiple options.  This ensures that serious golfers of all levels can be properly fit to maximize launch conditions for increase distance and accuracy. 

Friday, December 13, 2013

ACCRA's Gawain Robertson and Dave Makarucha receive Top Golf Exucutives in Canada Award

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Canadian Golf Executive of the Year

The nominees: Dave Wilson (PING Canada), James Lepp (Kikkor Golf), Ted Manning (Acushnet Canada) Don Nichols (Second Skin), Gawain Robertson/Dave Makarucha (ACCRA Golf), John Sibley (Nike Golf Canada), Dave Bradley (TaylorMade-adidas Canada), Sima Anvari/Lauren Demerling (Catwalk Artwear)

The Winner: Gawain Robertson/Dave Makarocha (ACCRA Golf)

The Winner: Gawain Robertson/Dave Makarucha (ACCRA Golf) 

My take: One of the elite names in premium golf shafts, ACCRA executives Gawain Robertson (left) and Dave Makarucha (right) continue to infuse the Kingston, Ontario-based brand into the industry with shafts of impeccable quality and performance. To do so, Robertson and Makarucha continue to put their branding and promotional trust into professional club fitters around the world along with high-profile usage by PGA Tour professionals such as Luke Donald, Peter Hanson, Tim Clark, Miguel Angel Jiminez and Mark Calcavecchia. That combination continues to pay dividends for the brand and its continued growth in the shaft category is evidence the formula works. Honourable mention this year to Dave Bradley of TaylorMade-adidas Canada.

Canadian Golf Product of the Year

The nominees: BioSteel Sports Drink, Miura KM-007 putter, Sunice Albany Jacket, DryRainge, Kikkor Men’s Player-Tips Collection, ACCRA Hybrex iron shafts, Catwalk Zippy 2013, Hollas Men’s Drywick 1/4-Zip

The Winner: Miura KM-007 Putter

My take: Although it stakes its global reputation on beautifully crafted irons, Miura Golf’s ability to produce outstanding products in other categories is vastly underappreciated. Case in point: Miura’s KM-007 putter. Part of the Vancouver company’s Series 57 putter line, Katsurhiro Miura’s elegantly crafted KM-007 mallet uses the same close-grain forging process used in the company’s irons and is CNC milled for outstanding feel and responsiveness. Amid golf’s best-known putter brands, this is a standout product from the Canadian OEM. Honourable mention to ACCRA for its new Hybrex iron shafts and Catwalk’s always fashionable women’s Zippy product.